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Challenging County's Assessment of Your Property

Your local tax assessor may have your house overvalued if you live in an area declining or not appreciating as much as other homes close to yours. That means you’re paying more taxes than you should. The earlier you take care of a matter like this, the better since your property assessment may likely go up again in the next period. When challenging your property tax assessment, getting an expert appraisal from The Efird Appraisers is your #1 weapon.


Most localities determine your property tax burden based on an ad valorem property value assessment. If you get an unwanted surprise in the mail stating your taxes are increasing, you may have good reason to differ from their assessment. Sometimes, matters like this can be solved with a phone call. However, after discussing your assessment with your local taxing authority, you still feel your property was overvalued. In that case, an independent, third-party appraiser is often your best bet in proving your case.

There are as many different procedures for appealing assessments as property taxing districts, so it’s essential to enlist the help of a professional appraisal firm that’s experienced and trained in the ins and outs of your jurisdiction.

Please note: It makes sense to do your own research before determining whether to proceed with a property assessment appeal, especially before hiring a professional appraiser. However, according to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), we are not allowed. to take “shortcuts” — i.e., your research — and use it on its face as part of our independent evaluation. When you hire us for an assessment appeal, you commission an independent, third-party professional appraisal report. As such, we do our own evaluation, beginning to end. If you’re right that your property has been overvalued, an independent report such as ours will be even more persuasive than any other evidence you can marshal on your own. But it depends on our ability to do the work independently.

Sometimes, you will have a hearing on your assessment appeal and need the appraiser you’ve hired to testify. Be assured that at The Efird Corporation of NC, we can professionally and persuasively testify at appeal hearings. Please browse our website to learn more about our qualifications, expertise, and services offered.

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